Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 11 Tasmania

From Albury I drove down to a budget hotel down in Melbourne, and I used a day, on the beach and was fishing in a little river outlet.

1 hour before the ferry check in begins, I was heading to the ferry Terminal, to meet with Michael, he arrived, and we got a bit of food before we entered the ferry.

Ferry was actually nice, it had a bar where we spend the first hours, catching up, before we went to the cabin for a sleep.

Next morning it was just up and go… we went to Burnie for breakfeast, and after that we was visiting the light tower right outside Wynyard.

Next stop was the Nut in Stanley, a mountain with a chair lift, so we took the chair lift up an enjoyed some of the lookouts.

That night we spend the night in Marrawah, on a free campsite right out to the ocean.

The plan for the next day was to go down the coast, go south thru the Arthurn Piemann National park, about 80 km of dirt track up over the mountain, and we should cross a little river with a cable ferry.

We ended the day in Strahan, where Michael started throwing his bike in a parking lot, where we was making a uturn.. after a bit of laughing we got the bike upright and found the Campsite.

I took the fishing rod, and went down to the pier, an had a nice day, got my first Australian Salomon, witch we eat for dinner.

8 degree in the morning was a bit cold

Next morning we rode thru the Queenstown, where we got a cup of coffee on the railway station, and we talked to some other guys who advised us to take a little extra trip up to Bird River. On the way up to the gravel road, I stopped at a look out, the parking lot was quite steep, because is was on the mountain side, and when Michael stopped, he couldn’t hold the bike, and went down for the second time.

It was a really nice piece of gravel road thru the thick rainforest, but it took us a couple of hours, so the days riding went a little longer than expected.

We ended up a little late at a town called Hamilton, and we was a bit surprised over how small the town where, and we didn’t had any food, so we needed to get some supply’s… but everything was closed, but in the neighbour town, there was a grocery store who closed in 15 minutes, so we took an arrived at the store 4 minutes before the announced closing time, but the girl just locked the door before we got anything ☹

A little up the road, there was a take away shop, open for another 45 minutes, so we got our dinner there an they had a bit of supply’s.

Back to Hamilton, setup camp and then it was goodnight.

The morning after we drove back to the little town and to the grocery store, and bought some food supply’s. then we head out to see the lakes and the dam at Stratgordon. On the way out we stopped at a café to get a little snack, when I heart a big crash behind me, and when I turned around, I found Michael an the KLR on the ground for 3. Time… it was a bit concerning!

He said he felt a bit tired and had a hard time concentrate (same the day before), so we took a god rest before we were on the bikes again.

It was 140 km ride, and a bit boring the most part of the road was just between high trees, but when we came out there, it was beautiful, big big lake up in the mountains, the dam on the other hand was not any special.

Almost back from the long ride Michel flashed me with the lights an I pulled over… he was tirede again, so we stopped at the Café’.

Both Michael and me decided this was not safe to continue, so Michael called the doctor and we got his bike towed in to his daughters house in Hobart.

In the evening he got a doctor out to check him, and the doctor didn’t think there was any reason that he couldn’t ride the bike, as long that he was aware of the problem.

The following day  (Tuesday Dec 19) we had a day, doing basically nothing, did some laundry, update the blog & dairy, and we had a small 30km ride up to Mountain Wellington.

I can recommend Mount Wellington, its about 1500 meter high, 12 km going up, and all the pushbike’s love it. The view from the top was spectacular, you could see a long way up the river, all city and the bay with all the small islands… beautiful!!!!

The next day we had a trip down to Port Artur, where there is an arch & Blowholes as turist attractions, and there is the big convict city historic site. We startet checking the blowhole, but the wind was the wrong direction, so it was just a hole ? then we went to the historic site, there was a entrance fee at 39 dollars, and you had to walk quite a bit, so we just looked from the fence ?

The way back we stopped at the BCF, Anaconda & Harwey Norman (2 x camping an fishing equipment and a electric store) we just stopped for a bit of man shopping ?

I got some more fishing gear and a new frying pan for my stove.

After a couple of days relaxing in Hobart, I started my journey to the east coast and up north, the first day I rode up to Swansea, I kind of miss calculate my fuel range/ where to get fuel, so I ended up getting 16,5 litre of fuel on my 16 litre tank ?

I set up my tent and went down to the beach to do some fishing, on the way to the pier I spotted a echidna… qute !

Så er der hjemmestegt pølser 🙂

gik ikke så godt med banan pandekage til morgenmad 🙂

On the following day I left for a trip up the mountains, and I visited the Elephant Pancake House, and I got a pancake with chilli concarne to 20 dollars… a bit expensive, but was delicious ?

I stayed at St. Helens Campground at BIG4, and it seems that its possible to negotiate the price, I did that at a lot of campsites now… the more expensive ones, its possible to get 5 dollars off.. just complaining about the price range ?

The campsite was really nice, and for the first time I got a spot between to threes, on grass.. perfect with all day shade ?

I stayed there for two nights, I did some fishing in the bay, and I used one day (dec 24) to go all the way up to the north in the national park, I ended up doing 150 km on gravel roads, and another 100km on small bendy roads, I had my lunch on the Farm Café, I had planned to go to the “Pub in the Paddoc” but they had closed for Christmas.



The evening I cooked a dinner on my portable stove, mash potatoes, veggies and a nice big steak, and I enjoyed a really nice (1/2) bottle of wine.

Next morning, the hole campsite was summering with kids and parents, playing with the Christmas gift, children driving there brand new go-carts, bicycles, driving with remote controlled cars etc..

A bit of a challenge to get out of the campsite without ruing somebody’s day ?

I was heading up to Devonport to go with the ferry back to mainland, and I took the trip up there with a detour to visit some of the northern country sides.

I was told that all the shops where closed, but I didn’t expect that ALL shops was closed, even the servo’s so no fuel, exept when you could find some of the card stations, wich is not that commond here in Aussie… and luckily I had bought some supplies the day before, because even when I found a Maaccas, it was closed ☹ so lunch was flatbread rolled with corn and can chicken …. Dinner: flatbread rolled with corn and can chicken

I was staying on a lodge called Dannebroge Lodge, and I talked to the owner who was Danish, he came her 35 years ago, to get away for the tuff life at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. We had a nice talk over my breakfast.. lovely guy ?

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