Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 10

Monday, I had booked some accommodation in Adelaide again, to get the bike serviced.

The bike got serviced, and they fixed some bits an pieces, so now its running great ? from Adelaide, I went thru the Adelaide Hills where the rich people lives, it’s a mountain, with a golf course on top, with a view over the city.

There is a couple of waterfalls in the hills and I stopped to take a picture, when i  talked to a couple of guys who was arranging motorcycle trips in Nepal, and we talk for a while, an I had to see a lot of pictures…. Maybe it’s a idea for the future, Nepal off-road on a Royal Enfield?

I came across some eucalyptus trees, and I straight away spotted a little grey bear (koala)…. In the city.. how cool is that?

I left Adelaide doing some smaller roads down south, I passed a little town called Hanndorf, a little German inspired town, with a lot of beautiful houses and stores, so if you are in the area, it is a nice place to visit.

I took the way down over Wellington where I took the ferry, and then down to Robe where I decided to camp, and on my “Camper Mate” app, I found a little free campsite outside Penola.

On my search for the campsite, I could smell weed, and I was thinking, what kind of farm product are they doing with the same smell?

I passed the campsite on the highway, a couple of times before I found it, and when I arrived I found out where from the smell of weed came ? 2 campervans, one with 3 guys and one with 2 girls. The 2 girls pretty fast drove op to the toilets in the other end of the campsite, and stayed there for the night. The 3 guys in the van had a serious big pipe they used for the weed, so I got some nice loads of smoke to my tent ? oh happy dayes. I asked the guys to by a beer, and had a talk to them, the where from France an they was on a bigger trip, they had travel thru Laos on two motorcycles, a 250cc and a 110cc and two people on each … HA HA that must have been fun.

Now they where working on a wine farm, to earn money to the next part of the trip, 25 dollars a hour and about 4 dollars in tax.

When they heard I was from Copenhagen, they got totally excited, they had been there for tree days, and the only thing they had seen was the Christiania… ha ha I belive that ?

A little later on, they started the campervan to drive up to the toilets, but they had forgotten the chair and the suitcase behind the car (they remembered to close the back door).. tree times they tried to back over it, before I yelled to them …. I was laughing so my tears wouldn’t stop.

They didn’t come to work the following day, the girls tried to wake them up at 6.30, only one of the guys get up… but only to start up the pipe.

I packed my stuff and headed direction Casterton, Dunkeld and up to Halls Gap in The Grampions national park, I was going to see “the Balconies” (Jaws of Dead), on the way I stopped next to a rain water dam.

I stopped a lot of places to take photos and to enjoy the trip, and I had a bit trouble finding the balconies. At the Balconies they had to many accidents, and it was banned for climbing.

I was getting fuel in Ararat, and headed down Mortlake, to start The Great Ocean Way, the day after.

On my way from Ararat to Lake Bolac, I could see the clouds getting darker and I was aware that the rain would come, and then the road was closed, so I had to go on a detour… it started out with a gravel road, and I was quit keen to get off the gravel before the rain was coming. I came to the tarmac again right before the rain came, so I was getting my rain jacket on in the pouring rain, and it was heavy rain… the detour was only 50 km, and I was whet from outside to inside… i drove 1 ½ hour in the rain and 9 degrees… I was wet and freezing, when I pulled up to a motel, the lady said that they didn’t have any available rooms, but I would find a lot of accommodation in the next city, it was just up the road… about one hour.

I was a bit frustrated, when I jumped on the bike an drove on.

In Mortlake, there was a room available in the local pub, 60 dollar for a fully renovated room, I got all my stuff at the room, had to put the bin under my jacket, and I could pour out water from my boots… everything hang up in front of the radiator, hoped it to be a bit dry for tomorrow.

I got a nice steak & a beer, before I went to the room an got a shower.  When I came out from the shower, the bartender nocked at my door, he insisted to move my bike out of the rain… very nice thankyou ?

Next morning the gear was reasonably dry, and I drove on down to Warrnambool, and then east on The Great Ocean Road, I stopped a lot of serious nice places, the Bay Of Islands, the Twelve Apostles (only nine left) and so on… Highley recommended route !!

When I arrived at Anglesea, I headed up on the tourist park (campsite), but they wanted 44 dollars for a night, so I left again, I found a little free campsite 30 mins from there… just 15 km up the gravel road.. no toilet, showers, bins, power but free. Only one other car there, so I put up my tent, made my camp ?

I headed my tinfood, while I was eating there was 12 cars coming in, digging holes, making a big fire, and then a lot of guys on push bikes showed up, they was drinking beers and was very loud, so I hatd to sleep with my earplugs.

Next morning I when I was talking my shoes on, I shaked them before I took them on, and two BIG ants came out, called Bull Ants, 3-4 cm long. I kicked them out of the little place in front of the tent, but they where keep coming back, so I tread on them… BIG mistake, then all the ant friends came, and they where not happy.. they keep coming at me, while I was packing down my tent, and finally one cam up my ankle and bite me…. DAAAAAAM!!!! It hurts. They must smell it from my shoes, because every time I moved, they were changing the direction towards me.

I packed my shoes away, and jump in to my Boots (after shaking them well) and got the stuff packed in a hurry…. Daaam I don’t like ants!!

Off I went, but not far… I went toTorquay and I found a little campsite to 25dollars pr night, so I set my camp there… and when I unpacked my tent, one of my non friendly ants, was rolled inside my tent… I took him on a stick, carried him far away from my tent, before I gave him a bugspray…. No more ants !!!!!

The afternoon I spend at the beach, watching the surfers, and I spend a couple of hours fishing from the boardwalk, and I cached 3 fish… I don’t know the species. they were not present in my fish info flyer.

The next day I was going for a ride up to the Snowie mountains, I took the freeway thru Melbourne, up to Pakenham, where I took the mountain road up toWoori Yallock, to Yarra Junction over to Noojee, but about half way to Noojee I found a man walking around with his helmet, collecting plastic bits an pieces, but I couldn’t see any motorcycle, so I stopped and ask him if he was okey or needed help… he would appreciate if I would help, I parked my bike and then I could see his bike 2-3 meter down, under a big fallen tree…

he has been very lucky ! he had broken his colour bone, and was not happy calling an ambulance, finally I stopped a car coming by, and we convinced the guy to call a mate’ … and the mate convinced him to call an ambulance, and promised that he would come to get the bike… and I promised to wait for his mate, but police, ambulance, the mate came all at the same time, and a moment after the tow truck came as well… so I left, but about 2 hours late.

I was choked about how many people actually passed us without helping… even when we where only two people at the spot… and I will guess that at least 50 motorcycles passed us. The mountain road where the accident was, where used as a “racetrack” and people where driving stupidly fast  around the corners…. That was a perfect bendy road for “bikies” ?

The guy was 36 years old, has just sold his 60HK learner bike, and bought this 200HK Honda 1000 Fireblade RR.

Rounded up.. he was lucky, long Christmas holiday, and his motorcycle will be fixed by the insurance..

Because I used the 2 hours at the accident, I ended up spending the night in Moe.

Next morning I rode up to Rawson, Tyre, Heyfield, Stockdale and up to Dargo, where I got a lunch at the Dargo Hotel, after that I took the Dirt road up Harrietwille, the road was in god condition and no dramas here ? the road was scenic, really spectacular, it is a National park in 1600meters heights, and I loved it.

I Spend my night in Bright, and the following day decided to do the loop on Mount Beauty, round to Falls Creeck to Omeo HWY and up north thru the Alpine National Park, I guessed the route to around 300km and 3-4 hours, but after 5 hours I was half way, all the bends was very sharp, and my average speed was around 50km/h

The scenery was again spectacular in the Alpine area, but on the way up and down the mountain, I basically didn’t see anything, I was to concentrated about all the bends, you really had to stay sharp, there was no fence wall on the one site of the road and drop off on the other site, there was wild life, rocks, leaves and traffic to monitor… so when I reached Mitta Mitta, I had a coffee rest at the general store.

I decided that I was to tired to do more bends today.. simply to dangerus. I talked to one of the locals, and he said that the way up north, was a lot of straight, so I went up that way up to Lake Hume, had a rest there, then up to Kiewa River, where I took another rest… I was so tired, I fished a little in the river, but the hole city came an begin to swim in the river, and they was drinking beer in the river… the temp was around 35 degree so properly not a bad idea ?

I Booked a Motel in Albury for the night.

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