Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 9 Kangaroo Island

After saying goodbye to the guys, I went back up to flinders, the plan was more offroad, I camped at the Angorichina Tourist Village.

There was no internet, or mobile service, and I was the only one at the campsite. After a boring night (only company was the goats who has jumped the fence) I was looking forward to do the big Flinders north tour I had planned for the day…. Unfortunately there was big black clouds hanging over the Flinders, so I asked about the weather in the camp information, and they advised me not to go ☹

the last bit of offroad in Flinders Ranges

So in packed my stuff, went down to Adelaide, thru the wine country.. quite opposite the Flinders, was here  cool (19-20 degree) and very green, small bendy roads and small towns.

I booked an Airbnb accommodation in Adelaide, so I had access to internet and could upload blog, pictures & videos…. Nice with a little backup ?

I stayed 3 nights in Adelaide, got the service booked for the bike, and got the tickets for the ferry to KI (Kangaroo Island).

I spend a day in the city, had a look in to Chinatown market, and the park, took the esplanade down south to see the beach.

Finally I planned a tour to the ferry, avoiding the main highway’s and drove thru the wine field region, beautiful roads and views.

I had an early start, and I was aware that I would be en good time for the ferry, so took a nice breakfast up in the mountains, in a little city. I planned to do a little walk around the town at Cape Jarvis, but when I came down to the city I realized that there was no shops in the town… only a fuel station with a pub and a cafeteria ? so I was waiting two hours on the ferry, enjoying the sun ?

There was no drama on the ferry crossing, it only too 45 mins, and I just head off to the campsite I have planned to stay on.. it was strategically placed in the mittle of the island, so I could do two loops, east one day and west the next…. But what a disappointment when I came to the campsite…. It was a mess and I took the map up to find another one… this time i went down to the south west corner and looked at the camp site just outside Flinders Chase, named Western KI Caravan Park.

I can recommend this camp !!! it was not shiny new, but well maintained, and the staff super sweet and help some. On the site, there was plenty of eucalyptus trees, and as you know, that’s what koala’s like. On / around the campsite, there was about 10-14 koala’s living, and you could at anytime find a koala, just looking up the threes or take a little walk around the small koala walk they had at the ground.

Heaps of wildlife hanging out

my new little humble tent

Sometimes when people was sitting in their tents and there was a little silent at the campsite, the koala’s came down to the ground to find them self a new tree an you could see them pretty close ? how cool is that.

I ended up giving koala tours to some of the new guests ?

Then day I arrived, the weather was sunny and about 22-25 degrees, and it was really nice, but in the evening, I checked the weather forecast, ad it said 90% chance of rain the next day ☹.

While I was sitting in the camp kitchen and heated my “tinfood” (slang for dåsemad) came the neighbour campers  and made the table next to me ready for dinner, they had a tablecloth with them, and they had a Moet Champagne with them….. maybe I was looking a little to much on the bottle, but they offered me a cup of bobbles ? so tinfood and Moet was on the menu that day ?

The following day, I went up a bit early to get out before the rain came, but when I checked the weather forecast, it was changed to 40% change of rain and possible thunderstorms… so dumb by me, I let all the rain gear be back at the tent when I drove off to Flinders Chase.

I started driving up to the platypus pond, spend a little hour there, and I didn’t see any platypus ☹ then I went out to the Admirals Arch, and on the way down to the arch, some girls had spotted a black snake, and I stopped to take couple of pictures… while I was sitting there, an Australian dude told me that I should keep a little further distance to it… it was the 3. Most poison snake in Australia… ups !!

The Admirals Arch was quite spectacular and there was plenty of seals playing in, around the small pools, and on the rocks there was seals sleeping ?

On the way back I talked to some other tourists (as usually) and we could hear a thunder coming, so I jumped on the bike an headed out to the remarkable rocks, and I did reach them in time… all the people was back in the cars, I took some photo’s and headed back to the bike, and while I was putting on my gear, the sky opened up an it was raining… I drove down to the information centre, but too late, I was soaked…   I waited there to the worst was over an headed back to the camp site.

My new mini tent had kept all my stuff dry, so it was just the gear and close I had on, I had to hang to dry in the camp kitchen.

After I got some dry clothes on, the neighbor invited me to happy hour ? so I bought a couple of beers and headed over in their tent-trailer annex, and we where sitting there eating goat chees, crackers, cashew nuts, drinking beer and wine, we had a lot of fun and some of the smaller incidents, blew up to small stories… they had a good sense of humor.

They invited me to stay for dinner, the had plenty, I said yes please ? we ended up playing uno… I had warned them that I was a very bad looser, so they let me win ? the temperature during the day was around 17-18 degrees and in the evening it fall down to 12-13 degree and 9:30 I was so cold I had to say god night and crawl down in to my sleeping bag to get the warm back in the body.’

It pissed all night and next morning the neighbours packed their tents and headed back against the ferry.

Before they left, they invited me to come and stay with them in Melbourne, when I come back from Tassie.

I spended the day, doing a little trip all around the KI, visiting Stokes Bay, Emu Bay and some other places I can’t remember the names on… most af the day went without to many showers.

The last night on KI we had no rain all night, but of course in the morning, it had tom give a small shower, so the tent was whet again ☹ I packed up my stuff an hang the tent to dry on a fence, everything was ready to go beside of the tent, so I was hanging out with a British couple, who was traveling around on a BMW 1200 for one year, we talked about trump, euro, Brexit an so on… an when the talk was going on the highest… another shower hit us, so I went out packed the tent whet, and went off against the ferry… its was very windy and I got a couple off showers, but I still manage to drive to a couple of lookouts, before I sat down in a café.

At the café I went in to the, there is a “tent site” where people offer a commendation in different ways to fellow riders, and I found one in Victor Harbour, I sent a message to the guy, to hear if it was available.

At the Cafe to two guys, Andrew & Brett, pulled up the curb and they were driving a Triumph tiger and BMW 800, we talked a lot about KI, Biking and bikes… and on the ferry we was sitting together (tried to avoid a very strange person who was keep trying to talk to us and showing pictures of his Honda Goldwing…

I checked the email again before the ferry left, and I got answer from Victor Harbour, that the room was available, and I was welcome.

we ended up driving together to Victor harbour, the wind and the rain was strong, an I was pretty whet after the 60km. when I pulled up in the driveway on Victor Harbour, Geoff was standing there with a big smile and welcome me, I took the stuff I needed from the bike, and we set my bike in to his shed with all his (and his wife’s) bikes ?

I got a nice room with a big bed and got a quick tour around the house. We sat down and talked about bikes, travels and so on… his wife Carol, didn’t know that I was staying, so when she came back, she looked a bit surprised, but they was both really lovely and I was invited to Spaghetti Bolognese ?

Goeff said that if I wasn’t in a hurry, I could stay another night and we could ride a little in the surrounding the following day.

The next day, we had a 190 km trip, on both gravel and sealed roads, we where eating breakfast in a nice little bakery up in the hills.

After the breakfast, we was visiting a motorcycle store, and we crashed a birthday party, with a guy who has his 100 year birthday, and he was still riding his bike. I had a talk with some off Geoff’s old friends before we drove away to the next hills and bends ?

In the evening Geoff and Carol had a friend over for dinner and we had a lovely evening.

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  1. Søs

    Haha I feel for the koala, he might be as nearsighted as me before I get to my contact lenses in the morning ?
    And just for a heads up, if you see a brown snake, even if it’s not that big, you should probably keep a good distance to that one too ? don’t act too “Steve Irwin” we would really like to get you home alive ??


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