Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 8 Stuarts Highway-Flinders Ranges

Monday morning I got up and started to pack up the bike, I should meet Daniel & Clemens 12:30 at the information centre in Mt. Isa.

I got all my stuff packed and went down to the motorcycle shop, to buy a comfort pillow. I bought one of those called air hawk, but after 300 metres, the two straps was broken, and I went back with the pillow and got my money back.

I meet the guys at the information center, where we got our lunch, an after that we drove a little round in the city, before heading to Camooweal.

It was a short ride, only 190 km, unfortunately the bike played up again, and this time it was only 33degrees.

In the evening we got a couple off beers and some food on the post hotel.

Next morning, my bike fall off the center stand, but luckily nobody took any photos, so no proof ? we went off for 540km ride, and some guys was pretty impress for the new 130 km/h speed limit after we passed the border to Northern Territory ,

but at her 150km, I began to calculate my bikes fuel consumption … and I could see that I had to slow down if would have a change to reach the next fuel stop…. I arrived with 1 ½ litre left in my tank….

we stopped at tree ways roadhouse for breakfast, and after heading out on the road again, I was driving as the last one, and suddenly a parrot got in front of me, it hit my screen, and in to my helmet, where it rip off my helmet shade, and then the parrot was stock at my instruments, I stopped and the bird was pretty wasted, so I ended the pure birds suffering… after finding my shade I turned around and head off to find the guys.

They have noticed that I was missing, so Daniel was waiting and Clemens has returned to find me.

I spend the rest of the day with a headache.

After that, we hit a storm, so we ended up, doing 250km in rain.

We stopped at the Devils Marbles, with is a bunch of big boulders, and it looked quite impressive?

Daniel and Clemens, decided to camp and do some of the tracks around the marbles, I was not up for camping, so I went in to Wauchope for spending the night in a hotel room.

The Devils Marbels Hotel, was an experience ? the hotel bar / restaurant was old but looks okey, and the staff was super sweet.. mostly backpackers worked there, but the rooms was very dirty, with stains on the walls and dirty floor, the shared bathroom was smelly, floors an walls was dirty, and there was lizards and frogs everywhere.

The following day, we took the last 400 km to Alice springs, and the landscape was changing to be more green, and arriving up to  Alice Springs the mountains began to show up.

In Alice springs we had two nights in a 5 bed cabin, the first night we eat out, and the following day we visit a creek with colourful stones, ang after that a gorge. The gorge was a bit far for me to walk, so I had to stay at the parking lot… and couldn’t see much.

The afternoon we went shopping proviant for the next days on the trip.

Thursday, we drove down to Kings Canyon, on the way we past a sign for a crater and we decided to go there, it was a bit off-road, and the gravel looked nice, but shortly after entering the road, a little water crossing appear, and further up another one with a lot of mud, and Clemens put down his nice big BMW 1200,

after getting the bike back on its wheels, they wanted me to drive up front ??? we drove the 10 off he 15 km and decides to return, because the road was turning in to wet dirt/ muddy conditions, and with 3 heavy loaded bikes (and 2 of them on road tyres) it would not be any good experience

Well back on the campsite, my bike again fall over from the centre stand in the loose sand ☹ and this time they took a photo.

Daniel and Clemens wanted to walk the track up at the Kings Canyon, so I decided to take a helicopter ride instead, to spare my ankle.


Sunset beer to the view of Kings Canyon

The Kings canyon was really beautiful and from the chopper we could look directly down to the garden of eden, and far out in the horizon we could see the shade off The Olgas & Ulura Rock.

Cheers in Lazy yak Pale Ale 😉

From Kings Canyon, we drove down to Uluru Resort Camping ground, and I got to relax a bit, because the guys would like to do all the walks on Uluru and the Olgas. We stayed there for 3 nights and one afternoon I drove out to Uluru and had a short walk next to that thing. In my mind it was just a thing to see, but when I went there, I realized that it has some kind of magic.. it is absolute breath taking, how big, massive, red this thing is… I’m so glad that I took out to visit it.



The last day we took a chopper ride, around the Olgas and the Uluru rock, it was impressive to see it from the air, but it still made a bigger impression from the ground level.


The following morning, the guys want to do a last attempt to climb the rock, all the other dayes it has been closed for climbing because of strong wind, low hanging clouds, and to high airt emp. In the afternoon.

That day we had to drive 736 km to Cooper Peedy, and I just went off by my self that morning, and the guys would follow as soon as they have done the climb….

Watch out for wild life & Stock

It was a long boring drive, the land in that part of Australia is just sand, bush and some trees… flat flat land, and long straight road.

Coming to Cooper Peedy, was a bit of a chock, the place was totally trashed,  and one of the most depressing towns I ever been to.

I found the accommodation we talked about, we should try stay on one of the motels under ground.

Funny place, but nice an chill ? a bit dark, with no windows.

The guys showed up about 2 hours after me, they didn’t climb the rock, again it was closed because of the windy conditions, and apparently, they had some longer stops on the way down than me ?

The following morning we drove a little round the town, visiting a opal shop, a mine and the we hid the road.

Our destination was Port Agusta in South Australia. After a couple of ours driving we could see a big storm coming against us, and we stopped ad a rest stop, with a shade/roof… we stuffed our bikes and our self under the roof, and made a nice cup of coffee, while waiting for the storm to pass.

To storms passed, one on each side off the rest stop, and in full rain gear we head off in to the rain. Because of the long break, we was a bit late coming in to Port Agusta, and it was almost 7 in the evening.

The next morning we went down to the motorcycle shop, because i needed a new rear tyre, and while we was there I absolutely rained.

So again in full rain outfit, we headed against Flinders Ranges, we stayed a a little pub in Blinman (a nice little mining town) the afternoon I took out the drone to take a couple of photos, but we ended up chasing a big red kangaroo… but it really didn’t care that much ?

The last day we had of riding together we took a 130km long gravel track around the Flinders, and the amount of wild life and scenic spots was amazing, we saw a lot of kangaroo, emu, wallaby, sheep, and goats, and we did a few photo stops. We went up to Leigh Creek, and this was almost a ghost town, they stopped mining a while ago, and now all the shops has closed and almost all people left the town.

Nice Views and a lot of wildlife

From Leigh Creek we drove down to Peterborough, where we spend the last night together before Daniel & Clemens head back to the Gold coast and Bundaberg.

a couple of times we talked about, the thing with the Bikes in the photos… it must be a biker thing, if you where out there in the camper-van or your station-car… you wouldn’t place it in all the pictures.. we laughed a bit of it, and took some more photos of the bikes in different situations.. ha ha

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