Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 7 Mount Isa Queensland

I was an extra day in Normanton, to do some test rides on the bike, and I did 70 km with no problems. I found out on the internet that some people had experienced that the 800GS has the problem when it comes to the warm temperatures above 37 degree, and the fuel pump simply shuts down, and after some cooling down, you are able to drive again.

I was staying at the Normanon Turist Park, right inside the town centre, the staff “Julie” was very helpfully, and we had a ride in her car to the grocery truck, and a quick swing by the supermarket.

During the day I suddenly heard some people speaking Danish in the Pool, I said hello, and I had a long talk, it was a couple from a town a little outside Holstedro, and they where on a Bird looking trip, they were very nice and very enthusiastic, we talked a lot during the day, and in the morning next day, we said goodbye ?

I took the little straight up to Karumba, its only 75 km, so it didn’t take long before I parked my bike at Sunset Point Karumba. At the parking spot, there was another BMW 800, and before I know it, Loyd came over to say hello, and again we agreed to meet up at the taverna later that evening to have a few beers.

I found the Sunset point caravan park, and setup my tent. For the last few km I have noticed that my GPS didn’t turn on or off with the key any longer, so I guesst that there would be a burned fuse, and on the campspot there was a nice concrete spot, so I took the bike appart to find the burned fuse, to my surprise, was it another problem…!!!! There was a family of red ants, there had moved in to my bike electrical system !!!, and they where trapped inside my relay to the GPS, after a lot of bugspray I manage to get the relay to work again… with a gentle massage with the bigger wire directly from the battery.

red ants in my relay
funny that the Wallaby’s running around at the campground

After I had put together the bike, I walked down to the river to see if I could spot the 5 meter croc there should hang around I the river (among bull sharks and tiger sharks…. So no swimming !!!) , I couldn’t see any crocks or sharks, but I spotted Loyd, standing there with his fishing rod, so I kept him with company for the afternoon… had a bit fun, because there was a big pelican hanging out there, and every time Loyd was away from his bait, it tried to sneak up on him to get the bait… it was quite funny…. Sneaky b….

In the evening I had a few beers with Loyd on the terverna, we had a long talk about Ducati’s ? I think that was a compassion we both could share beside og the BMW and fishing.

The next morning I had decided to go from Karumba to Mount Isa, 570 km, it took me 9 hours including breakes… and my but was killing me ☹ at the midway my GPS gave up again, but I luckily had a map and could navigate the old fasion way (570 km an I had to turn 2 times ? )

The 570 km was actually quite boring… it was almost the same landscape until I came to Mt Isa, mostly flat/dry outback country, the most exiting was my stop at Burke & Wills Roadhouse….!

Just a rest in the middle of outbacksunset point Karumbasign at the boat ramp in Karumba

I drove in to Mt Isa late afternoon, enjoyed all the mountains views, but right when I had pulled in to google some accommodation, it began to rain, so I ended up, just talking the nearest motel with a roof where I could park ?

The following day, I just went a little around, visit the lookout point, got some shopping done, and jumped in to the pool…. But went up again pretty fast, when I found a spider (bigger that I’m use to from Denmark ) in the water…. !!!! I got the net and rescued the little bugger, and then I took a walk around the pool with the net, saved a lizard, an cleaned the rest of the pool from a couple drowned cockroaches and some leaves… both spider and lizard survived.

New “sealed” relay

Sunday I went to the great Lake Moondarra.

It just outside Mount Isa, and its basically a old mine, witch is filled with water, so now it is drinking water for all >Mount Isa city. All the water in the city taste a lot of minerals from the mine.

The morning started with a cloudy sky and only 28 degree, so basically perfect weather for riding the bike ? I went to the lake and down behind the daam, there was an gravel road, I took it, but before I know, it went to a 4 wheel drive track, I kept going, and it begin to get a bit ruff, but I went all the way around the lake on the track, and I found some pretty spectacular views… I did meet a couple of guys on a off roader and a girl on a quadbike, so I was not the only one on the track.

DAD dont look a



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