Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 6….. Finally Back in Queensland

>Hello Again… its blogging time again ?

I have been home in DK for the Surgery, 6 weeks in cask & 4 weeks of fysio training ?

Now I’m back, I started out getting Directly to Cape York Adventures , from the airport to get my Motorcycle. The engine started at first try, so no drama.

I packed the bike, and went in to my hotel in Cairns, jetlag was a bit tuff this time, so it was just a nice shower and a little shopping and straight to bed. The next day was just washing the bike, and get the bike ready. Saturday, I went to the Black Mountain Road, right outside Cairns, and did the track, like a prerun for the next day, the track is mostly a long logging road, and well maintained, but the last section is part of the Kuranda national park, and is a bit more challenged.


Sunday, I went off 8 o’clock and took the coast road to Cooktown over Cape Tribulation.


The road was mostly Tar but a section was dirt road, and well maintained, a couple og steep hills and some river crossings, was the most challenged in this part, and before I know, I was at the Blomefield waterfall, after that I was again on tar, right up to Cooktown.

On the way to Cooktown, I visited” The Lions Den Hotel” and it should be the oldest pub in Queensland.

In Cooktown I visited Finch Bay, a nice little Beach, with a River outlet, so no swimming Crocs in the water ? and sunset at the Grassy Hill Lookout.


After one night in Cooktown at Hillcrest Guest House (Older really well maintained hotel), I went back down the inland road, and took highway 1 to Normanton.

On the way down I passed the black Mountain (another Black Maountain) it was more a very big pile of boulders, I also made a stop at the Dinner Falls & the Crater, I tink I walked around 1 km in my bulky boots and my MC pants.

I spend one night at Innon Hot Springs Hotel, this hotel has not been renovated since the 60’s I guess ? the colures on the walls, carpet, bathroom, pillows was really strange, and all the lights was industrial lights, but the staff was sweet and before I know, I was sitting with a drink with some of the locals and tried my best to understand the old blokes with a lot of accents, slang and swearing.

The jetlag is still hitting me bigtime, so I was up again 5 a ’clock in the morning, and back on the bike 7 a ‘clock… the trip was mostly boring, but it was only 16degree in the morning and a bit cold, but up the day it pretty fast passed the 30 degree limit, and the last 200km before Normanton the temp was 38 degree…. That’s pretty hot, when you are wearing big jacket, pants and boots. I made a stop around a old train station.

on the last 18 km, my bike was making trouble, some how it simply stalled the engine every minute for a couple of seconds, so I spend the evening mostly google the problem.. and I did a little test ride around the town… and now there is now problem with the engine…. witch means that i need to take extra care when i run on places with less traffic.

to be continued 🙂

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