Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 2 Gold Coast

Wednesday morning, I started packing up the motorcycle. I really soon found out that I had way to much, and the extra bag I bought was to big… I had it all piled up, and then got on the road…

After 10 mins, my mirror was all red & blue.. F….. !!!! the Police wanted to talk with me. Apparently, I did NOT drive in the bus lane, and turned left from the 2. Lane, and shame on me.. bus, taxi and motorcycles should use the bus lane… so after a lot of sorry’s, he was keen to know about my bike, and the weather where I use to live, and also where I was heading, so after a 20 minutes chat with the officer he let me go with a warning ?

I drove all the way up to Cuffs Harbour, it took me 7 ½ hour (550km), and it do not look like much on the map, considered where I’m heading ?

It was a really nice trip despite of the small rain showers, but lots of great views, woods, hills, bay’s, rivers, and sadly a lot of wallaby road kills ☹

some places was so jungle like, it looks like it was from the movie Jurassic Park.

I got a couple of nice breaks, one of them under the palms in Jurassic :-O

At least I ended up on the hotel, got a nice Steak.. (the first one on this trip) used a long time to repack, and then the room has TV… so what a joy.

Next day, I started, with the plan, that I should reach Brisbane… little optimistic ? I started out, driving thru some smaller village and again lots of incredible landscapes, small towns, lakes, rivers.

Before noon, I took a little stop on a gas station, to get some fuel, I bought a cop of coffee and an ice cream, when I came out from the store, a guy needed to get fuel at the pump where my bike was standing, when I moved it, I got my foot cranked up between the sidestand and a concrete edge on the ground… result = a pretty coloured toe… Beaten or broken ??? I don’t know, but lots of pain.I drove up the highway… most of the time it didn’t hurt, but every time i put the foot down, it hurts like hell. I took the trip around Byron Bay, to visit the most eastern place in Australia, and see the mighty Light Tower. At the parking lot, I got a quick lunch, and enjoyed the view, I even see whales ?

I jump back on the bike, but the pain was getting worse, and on the highway I got stock in a cue behind an accident, so I took a quick decision, took the next exit and found a hotel on Palm Beach.

I went to the pharmacy, got some tape and some painkillers, when to the liquor store after some beer, went back to the hotel  and got the toe taped to the neighbour toe, humped over to the Italian Restaurant on the other site of the Road “Balbori” really nice restaurant… good wine and a big T-bone ?

I have discovered a fail with the bikes fuel sensor, so in the morning I went to a BMW store nearby, to hear if they had an idea what could be wrong, but they was a bit arrogant, ad could not take the bike in before next week… meanwhile a guy came up to me and asked me, if it was my GS800 outside, he had one similar, just brand new, so we ended up talking a lot, and before I know, I was invited home to meet his Danish wife. He was very helpful, ad showed me a couple of stores in the neighbourhood, because i needed a can for extra fuel, until I got a hand of the problem. He told me, that his house was just up the road, and I agreed to visit his house… after a couple of turns, we ended up on the highway for 10 mins or so… in the meanwhile I was thinking “up the road ???” but 30 mins later we arrived, and I said hello to his Lovely wife Jane from Ålborg.

Clemens invited me to stay, so I could do some stuff on my bike and we could take a road trip the next morning, so I had a lovely day, driving around with him in his car, chattering about everything and a lot off bike stuff. He told me that he was going to Cairns in 2 weeks and participate in a big BMW event where they should drive the old telegraph track…. Which I have dreamed of for a long time. The tour was sold out, but Clemens did know the guy whom arranged it, so he called him, and got me in on a waiting list.

We got shipped some of all my equipment back to Melbourne where I have a former colleague. In the evening we got pizza, red wine and made a Bonfire in the garden.

Next Morning Clemens Friend, Greg showed up on his brand-new Honda Africa Twin and we went for a guided tour (guide = Clemens), just up the road… around 5 hours, with just bendy mountain roads, coffee breaks on a MC place, stopped at Sommerset lake and on a little café up in the mountains, where we got Australian Meat pie.

It was time to say aufwiderseen (Clemens is originally German), I went north and Clemens & Greg went south, back to their homes.

I got up to Lake MacDonalds where I camp for the night.

The following day (Sunday) I drove up to Noosa Head, visit the woods and the sandy beach, this is a really nice place with a lot of lakes, and sand dunes… nice houses & cars. After that I set my GPS to “adventures routing”, added, gravel roads, mountains, and curves, I ended up on my hotel In Toroquy right outside Harvey Bay… the GPS took me all the way over Black Mountain, on a gravel track (a little exiting with warn down road tires) but again some incredible views.


5 thoughts on “Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 2 Gold Coast

  1. KAT

    Getting into trouble already!? …. I’m so proud of you! :p sounds like you are having a wonderful time! People sound lovely! Pay of them anyway 🙂

  2. Ludvig

    WOW Claus. Du får sgu en på opleveren.
    Fedt at følge lidt med her hjemme fra DK.

    Vi har stadig ikke fået sommer endnu.
    Vi har fået nye totalt lækre terrasse møbler på taget, herre nice.
    Vores båd er endnu ikke kommet, så vi glæder os stadig.
    Kontoret er totalt affolket, så jeg tager den hjemmefra. Så spare jeg en masse transport tid. 🙂

    Keep us posted, og så lidt flere billeder af nøgne damer LOL
    Aghh, OK så. Bare nogle flere billeder.

    Pas på dig.

  3. Miller

    Disse satans danskere, de er over det hele, her tager du om på den anden side af jorden og alligevel kan du ikke ungå at rende ind i disse satans danskere ?

    Lyder dog som om du får kvast nogle kilometrer på den tohjulede Bimmer.

    Fortsat god tur.

  4. Gitte Vinther

    Your trip sounds bloody awesome!
    We’re going to Australia in October (drive from Cairns to Brisbane), so kind of perfect that you can provide inspiration.
    Enjoy your trip!



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