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2017 Australien


So its blogging time ?


A 380… whooo  🙂


After arriving to Sydney Friday last week, I have settled, in AirBnB Madeline’s home here in Marricville.

Marricville is a suburb to Sydney, just 15 mins out from centre an 10 mins from the airport, and is multinational suburb, most of the houses is old and some of them looks really bad. but it have its charm, and some how I got surprised, I don’t know what I expected but it looks a lot like British suburbs. The surroundings has a lot of café’s and a lot of Vietnamese, Chinese and other Asian restaurants, so finding a god steak house is not easy…

The weather here is COLD !! its only 10 degrees during the night and twenty to mid twenty’s during the day, if you can find sun an cover for the wind, its okay, else its time to wear a jacket. In the house where I live, there is no central heating, so we use a electric heater on every room where we are staying, and the rest of the house is 10 degree….brrrrrr, for toilet visits its only the absolute minimum time spend :->)

Saturday I went out to get the RMS (road & Maritime services) customer number, to be able to register the motorcycle in my name.. it was so easy !!! and 10 minutes later I was ready to shop a motorcycle, and pretty fast I jumped in to a Uber and went out to the dealer (BikeBizz) with the nice green BMW, with plenty of extra’s..

The salesman was a bit quick in the talking, and was keep going about all the things they have change on the bike, and all the money they spend on it. Unfortunately, it didn’t took me long time to spot the salesman “shitty talk” and I found some things he was lying about, and I could also see that this bike has taking some serious beating (which explain the large amount of spares they have spend) and further more they have removed some off the extras on it. I was standing there with my helm and my jacket, so he was thinking that I would by the bike anyway, but as more he talked, more I disliked the guy, and I finally took all my stuff an went out the store.

Bloody is a word the Australians use a’lot

Sunday, I couldn’t do anything motorcycle wise, so I just googles some new subjects, and took the train in to the city centre, walked the streets and visit the opera house and a bridge. The City centre was like all other big cities, lots of tall buildings, tourists everywhere .. especially on the  walking street where the market was full on. For every 20 meters on the waterfront, there was a new street musicians, with a lot of various talents… somebody could actually sing, and some could only one tone on the guitar (people from Copenhagen know the man with the flute there is only playing two tones… similar just with a guitar)

Monday I went to Procycles, they had a couple of BMW that could be interesting, and the salesman Vic was a great guy, not pushy or anything, I tried the bike I came for, and after a little negotiations we came to an agreement, he would throw in some extras, and gave a little discount… he agreed to fit a new larger screen, a luggage plate for my bags and mount my GPS. The plan was that I should walk down an eat dinner, an then come back to get the bike.

I spend a lot of time in Kingstreet… lost of nice shops and cafe, Bloody Fine street !!!  when I came back for the bike, they hat a problem with my GPS, and they needed to rewire the gps, so it would take a little extra time, 2 hours later I received my bike… full tanked, newly washed, they did all the registration an everything, BLOODY GOOD SERVICE, so I could just drive away… happy, now the trip can begin.

I just need to adjust a little bit….. I had to concentrate a lot on the way home….they are driving in the wrong site of the road !!!! and its not easy to go left, when you the last 28 years has gone right !!!!!

That’s all for now, Wednesday I will drive up north, hoping for warmer weather.


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  1. Jesper Busk-Nielsen

    Bloody nice trip and blog for us to follow.
    Hope you will have a ride of a lifetime. Enjoy.

    Best regards and take care
    Family Busk-Nielsen


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