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Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 5…. Hospital !!!

So its been a while since the last post.

The reason is that after a couple of relaxing days at the Campsite down in Cairns, I had an minor accident on the Motorcycle, in a low speed corner on gravel, I lost the balance of the bike, and I tried to save it with putting the foot out, but because the bike was still moving, I twisted my ankle and broke it.

I spend some days on the hospital in Cairns, and they gave me surgery to get the fracture in place, its a long an sad story, but unfortunately did they forget to make both fractures, and I ended up, flying back to Denmark with insurance company, to get the last surgery done in DK.

I’m now finally finished the surgery, and need 6 weeks on crutches and then I need training to get the ankle working again.

This was a major setback, and I lost the possibility to participate in the great GS Safari to Cape York, but I plan to go back to Cairns and continue the travel whenever my ankle is up for it.

I got a lot of help from a lot of people, thanks to all involved.

I hope to be back on track soon.

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 4 Tableland & Daintree

After the Burdekin Falls dam, I went down to Cairns again, found a nice campsite in town. I went to Wayenes Lenard Motorcycles to get the new tyres and chain on place, and after that I went to BMW Wesco Motors in Cairns to get the new blinker, gear shifter and the lost screw from the head lamp.

With those things on place, I went to town and shopped a little, I stopped for a beer on the local Irish pub O. Brians downtown, sitting there, outside drinking a cold beer in 27 degree and full sunshine that’s a decent vacation day ? the a text popped in from Clemens (Austria) he was also in town, and he joined me for a couple of beers, while sitting there, the pub staff handed out Christmas hats, the apparently had a tradition to throw a Christmas party july 24. We decided to go home home, get a shower and then head back to the party later that evening.

We got some dindin (dinner) and listen to the Christmas songs and the contest & karaoke.

I went a trip up to the table lands, a lot of really nice bendy roads, but unfortunately it was a rainy day, and all the sights was pretty cloudy, but again we are pretty close to the rain forest an humidity I relative high here. It was a all day tour and I went out from Cairns up to Gordonvale, up to Atherton, then to Mareba, Julatten, Shanonvale and then back on the coast road (44) back to Cairns, on the way there is a lot of really nice views, and small walks to waterfalls, etc. I really wanna recommend this trip or the quite shorter trip Cairns, Mareeba, Julatten,Shanonvale, Cairns… the road back from Mareeba to Mount Malloy you pass a beautiful lake where I saw emu, and a lots of smaller birds.. really beautiful place, and the coast ride back on 44 is really beautiful, with the cliffs/ mountains on the inland site and the rocky coast an small sandy beaches on the ocean site…. DO IT !!!!! ? ( I did the trip 3 times… and properly more to come…

WHATS NOT TO LIKE ?????? I found a BIG FrogRoo & Croc Combo with mash and green at Cock & Bull Cairns… recommended

I was meeting up with Austria Clemens again in Port Douglas, little overrated town a little further north than Cairns, not much to see, and quite expensive, the Absolute most expensive camping ground I tried yet 40$ for an unpowered site in my little tent.

We drove up to the little ferry and took the ferry over the river, and drove up the very nice rain forest road, narrow, lots of bends, and really nice/fun driving in the Daintree rain forest. We tried the Daintree Discovery Centre, and absolute waste of time an money, we was very disappointed, there was some walks out in the forest, where they have put plastic dinosaurs in the forest, you got a voice player, where you could put in a number and hear that “butterflies are really colourfull creatures” NO SHIT SHERLOCK !!! and there was posters with different animals from the forest. we spend a little hour th

We drove  to the camping ground PK’s Jungle Villas, with was pretty cool, we had a little fence in to the mangrove just behind our tent, and the little walkway down to the beach. A bit suprising was that there was really no mosquito’s.

We drove a little around the Daintree / cape tribulation, to the different lookout’s / fotostops.

We had no cell coverage and the internet was so expensive, so we decided to be more wise about where we spend our money, and spend them well on the happy hour in the bar.

In the night and next morning, it was raining heavily, so I had to pack my tent while Clemens was laughing in his campervan… thank you Clemens ?

Down at the ferry there was a river tour/cruise to see the crocs and other wild life, we had decided that it was something we wanna do (I got it recommended from 2 Danes I met in Port Douglas) the rain was a lot less now, and we jumped on the cruise with Crocodile Express and hat a perfect tour with a really quite guide, she told us a lot about all the wildlife and the salty crocs.

The tour was only 25$ and included a similar tour longer up the river, where its was freshwater crocs, so we took the camper up to a little city 10 mins up the river (I parked the bike under a roof next to the shop.. the staff meant that it should not stand in the rain to we came back).

Betsy the Beast looks a little sad, and was moved to the Coffee shop

Here we got lunch and got an even better wildlife tour, with another really god guide with a lot of eager to tell about the wildlife… the guides really loved there jobs.

Off road CamperOther people on the way to the “top”

Back at the bike, it was time to say goodbye to Clemens, it was time for him to go south, with a week to his flight back home was leaving from Sydney.

I drove back to the camping ground inside Cairns, where I hat to unpack my very wet tent, jusdt to found out that i lost one of my very loved flip flops… should have done a better job, strapping them to the bike.

I ended you drying the floor in the tent with a t-shirt before I could “move in”