Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 11 Tasmania

From Albury I drove down to a budget hotel down in Melbourne, and I used a day, on the beach and was fishing in a little river outlet.

1 hour before the ferry check in begins, I was heading to the ferry Terminal, to meet with Michael, he arrived, and we got a bit of food before we entered the ferry.

Ferry was actually nice, it had a bar where we spend the first hours, catching up, before we went to the cabin for a sleep.

Next morning it was just up and go… we went to Burnie for breakfeast, and after that we was visiting the light tower right outside Wynyard.

Next stop was the Nut in Stanley, a mountain with a chair lift, so we took the chair lift up an enjoyed some of the lookouts.

That night we spend the night in Marrawah, on a free campsite right out to the ocean.

The plan for the next day was to go down the coast, go south thru the Arthurn Piemann National park, about 80 km of dirt track up over the mountain, and we should cross a little river with a cable ferry.

We ended the day in Strahan, where Michael started throwing his bike in a parking lot, where we was making a uturn.. after a bit of laughing we got the bike upright and found the Campsite.

I took the fishing rod, and went down to the pier, an had a nice day, got my first Australian Salomon, witch we eat for dinner.

8 degree in the morning was a bit cold

Next morning we rode thru the Queenstown, where we got a cup of coffee on the railway station, and we talked to some other guys who advised us to take a little extra trip up to Bird River. On the way up to the gravel road, I stopped at a look out, the parking lot was quite steep, because is was on the mountain side, and when Michael stopped, he couldn’t hold the bike, and went down for the second time.

It was a really nice piece of gravel road thru the thick rainforest, but it took us a couple of hours, so the days riding went a little longer than expected.

We ended up a little late at a town called Hamilton, and we was a bit surprised over how small the town where, and we didn’t had any food, so we needed to get some supply’s… but everything was closed, but in the neighbour town, there was a grocery store who closed in 15 minutes, so we took an arrived at the store 4 minutes before the announced closing time, but the girl just locked the door before we got anything ☹

A little up the road, there was a take away shop, open for another 45 minutes, so we got our dinner there an they had a bit of supply’s.

Back to Hamilton, setup camp and then it was goodnight.

The morning after we drove back to the little town and to the grocery store, and bought some food supply’s. then we head out to see the lakes and the dam at Stratgordon. On the way out we stopped at a café to get a little snack, when I heart a big crash behind me, and when I turned around, I found Michael an the KLR on the ground for 3. Time… it was a bit concerning!

He said he felt a bit tired and had a hard time concentrate (same the day before), so we took a god rest before we were on the bikes again.

It was 140 km ride, and a bit boring the most part of the road was just between high trees, but when we came out there, it was beautiful, big big lake up in the mountains, the dam on the other hand was not any special.

Almost back from the long ride Michel flashed me with the lights an I pulled over… he was tirede again, so we stopped at the Café’.

Both Michael and me decided this was not safe to continue, so Michael called the doctor and we got his bike towed in to his daughters house in Hobart.

In the evening he got a doctor out to check him, and the doctor didn’t think there was any reason that he couldn’t ride the bike, as long that he was aware of the problem.

The following day  (Tuesday Dec 19) we had a day, doing basically nothing, did some laundry, update the blog & dairy, and we had a small 30km ride up to Mountain Wellington.

I can recommend Mount Wellington, its about 1500 meter high, 12 km going up, and all the pushbike’s love it. The view from the top was spectacular, you could see a long way up the river, all city and the bay with all the small islands… beautiful!!!!

The next day we had a trip down to Port Artur, where there is an arch & Blowholes as turist attractions, and there is the big convict city historic site. We startet checking the blowhole, but the wind was the wrong direction, so it was just a hole ? then we went to the historic site, there was a entrance fee at 39 dollars, and you had to walk quite a bit, so we just looked from the fence ?

The way back we stopped at the BCF, Anaconda & Harwey Norman (2 x camping an fishing equipment and a electric store) we just stopped for a bit of man shopping ?

I got some more fishing gear and a new frying pan for my stove.

After a couple of days relaxing in Hobart, I started my journey to the east coast and up north, the first day I rode up to Swansea, I kind of miss calculate my fuel range/ where to get fuel, so I ended up getting 16,5 litre of fuel on my 16 litre tank ?

I set up my tent and went down to the beach to do some fishing, on the way to the pier I spotted a echidna… qute !

Så er der hjemmestegt pølser 🙂

gik ikke så godt med banan pandekage til morgenmad 🙂

On the following day I left for a trip up the mountains, and I visited the Elephant Pancake House, and I got a pancake with chilli concarne to 20 dollars… a bit expensive, but was delicious ?

I stayed at St. Helens Campground at BIG4, and it seems that its possible to negotiate the price, I did that at a lot of campsites now… the more expensive ones, its possible to get 5 dollars off.. just complaining about the price range ?

The campsite was really nice, and for the first time I got a spot between to threes, on grass.. perfect with all day shade ?

I stayed there for two nights, I did some fishing in the bay, and I used one day (dec 24) to go all the way up to the north in the national park, I ended up doing 150 km on gravel roads, and another 100km on small bendy roads, I had my lunch on the Farm Café, I had planned to go to the “Pub in the Paddoc” but they had closed for Christmas.



The evening I cooked a dinner on my portable stove, mash potatoes, veggies and a nice big steak, and I enjoyed a really nice (1/2) bottle of wine.

Next morning, the hole campsite was summering with kids and parents, playing with the Christmas gift, children driving there brand new go-carts, bicycles, driving with remote controlled cars etc..

A bit of a challenge to get out of the campsite without ruing somebody’s day ?

I was heading up to Devonport to go with the ferry back to mainland, and I took the trip up there with a detour to visit some of the northern country sides.

I was told that all the shops where closed, but I didn’t expect that ALL shops was closed, even the servo’s so no fuel, exept when you could find some of the card stations, wich is not that commond here in Aussie… and luckily I had bought some supplies the day before, because even when I found a Maaccas, it was closed ☹ so lunch was flatbread rolled with corn and can chicken …. Dinner: flatbread rolled with corn and can chicken

I was staying on a lodge called Dannebroge Lodge, and I talked to the owner who was Danish, he came her 35 years ago, to get away for the tuff life at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. We had a nice talk over my breakfast.. lovely guy ?

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 10

Monday, I had booked some accommodation in Adelaide again, to get the bike serviced.

The bike got serviced, and they fixed some bits an pieces, so now its running great ? from Adelaide, I went thru the Adelaide Hills where the rich people lives, it’s a mountain, with a golf course on top, with a view over the city.

There is a couple of waterfalls in the hills and I stopped to take a picture, when i  talked to a couple of guys who was arranging motorcycle trips in Nepal, and we talk for a while, an I had to see a lot of pictures…. Maybe it’s a idea for the future, Nepal off-road on a Royal Enfield?

I came across some eucalyptus trees, and I straight away spotted a little grey bear (koala)…. In the city.. how cool is that?

I left Adelaide doing some smaller roads down south, I passed a little town called Hanndorf, a little German inspired town, with a lot of beautiful houses and stores, so if you are in the area, it is a nice place to visit.

I took the way down over Wellington where I took the ferry, and then down to Robe where I decided to camp, and on my “Camper Mate” app, I found a little free campsite outside Penola.

On my search for the campsite, I could smell weed, and I was thinking, what kind of farm product are they doing with the same smell?

I passed the campsite on the highway, a couple of times before I found it, and when I arrived I found out where from the smell of weed came ? 2 campervans, one with 3 guys and one with 2 girls. The 2 girls pretty fast drove op to the toilets in the other end of the campsite, and stayed there for the night. The 3 guys in the van had a serious big pipe they used for the weed, so I got some nice loads of smoke to my tent ? oh happy dayes. I asked the guys to by a beer, and had a talk to them, the where from France an they was on a bigger trip, they had travel thru Laos on two motorcycles, a 250cc and a 110cc and two people on each … HA HA that must have been fun.

Now they where working on a wine farm, to earn money to the next part of the trip, 25 dollars a hour and about 4 dollars in tax.

When they heard I was from Copenhagen, they got totally excited, they had been there for tree days, and the only thing they had seen was the Christiania… ha ha I belive that ?

A little later on, they started the campervan to drive up to the toilets, but they had forgotten the chair and the suitcase behind the car (they remembered to close the back door).. tree times they tried to back over it, before I yelled to them …. I was laughing so my tears wouldn’t stop.

They didn’t come to work the following day, the girls tried to wake them up at 6.30, only one of the guys get up… but only to start up the pipe.

I packed my stuff and headed direction Casterton, Dunkeld and up to Halls Gap in The Grampions national park, I was going to see “the Balconies” (Jaws of Dead), on the way I stopped next to a rain water dam.

I stopped a lot of places to take photos and to enjoy the trip, and I had a bit trouble finding the balconies. At the Balconies they had to many accidents, and it was banned for climbing.

I was getting fuel in Ararat, and headed down Mortlake, to start The Great Ocean Way, the day after.

On my way from Ararat to Lake Bolac, I could see the clouds getting darker and I was aware that the rain would come, and then the road was closed, so I had to go on a detour… it started out with a gravel road, and I was quit keen to get off the gravel before the rain was coming. I came to the tarmac again right before the rain came, so I was getting my rain jacket on in the pouring rain, and it was heavy rain… the detour was only 50 km, and I was whet from outside to inside… i drove 1 ½ hour in the rain and 9 degrees… I was wet and freezing, when I pulled up to a motel, the lady said that they didn’t have any available rooms, but I would find a lot of accommodation in the next city, it was just up the road… about one hour.

I was a bit frustrated, when I jumped on the bike an drove on.

In Mortlake, there was a room available in the local pub, 60 dollar for a fully renovated room, I got all my stuff at the room, had to put the bin under my jacket, and I could pour out water from my boots… everything hang up in front of the radiator, hoped it to be a bit dry for tomorrow.

I got a nice steak & a beer, before I went to the room an got a shower.  When I came out from the shower, the bartender nocked at my door, he insisted to move my bike out of the rain… very nice thankyou ?

Next morning the gear was reasonably dry, and I drove on down to Warrnambool, and then east on The Great Ocean Road, I stopped a lot of serious nice places, the Bay Of Islands, the Twelve Apostles (only nine left) and so on… Highley recommended route !!

When I arrived at Anglesea, I headed up on the tourist park (campsite), but they wanted 44 dollars for a night, so I left again, I found a little free campsite 30 mins from there… just 15 km up the gravel road.. no toilet, showers, bins, power but free. Only one other car there, so I put up my tent, made my camp ?

I headed my tinfood, while I was eating there was 12 cars coming in, digging holes, making a big fire, and then a lot of guys on push bikes showed up, they was drinking beers and was very loud, so I hatd to sleep with my earplugs.

Next morning I when I was talking my shoes on, I shaked them before I took them on, and two BIG ants came out, called Bull Ants, 3-4 cm long. I kicked them out of the little place in front of the tent, but they where keep coming back, so I tread on them… BIG mistake, then all the ant friends came, and they where not happy.. they keep coming at me, while I was packing down my tent, and finally one cam up my ankle and bite me…. DAAAAAAM!!!! It hurts. They must smell it from my shoes, because every time I moved, they were changing the direction towards me.

I packed my shoes away, and jump in to my Boots (after shaking them well) and got the stuff packed in a hurry…. Daaam I don’t like ants!!

Off I went, but not far… I went toTorquay and I found a little campsite to 25dollars pr night, so I set my camp there… and when I unpacked my tent, one of my non friendly ants, was rolled inside my tent… I took him on a stick, carried him far away from my tent, before I gave him a bugspray…. No more ants !!!!!

The afternoon I spend at the beach, watching the surfers, and I spend a couple of hours fishing from the boardwalk, and I cached 3 fish… I don’t know the species. they were not present in my fish info flyer.

The next day I was going for a ride up to the Snowie mountains, I took the freeway thru Melbourne, up to Pakenham, where I took the mountain road up toWoori Yallock, to Yarra Junction over to Noojee, but about half way to Noojee I found a man walking around with his helmet, collecting plastic bits an pieces, but I couldn’t see any motorcycle, so I stopped and ask him if he was okey or needed help… he would appreciate if I would help, I parked my bike and then I could see his bike 2-3 meter down, under a big fallen tree…

he has been very lucky ! he had broken his colour bone, and was not happy calling an ambulance, finally I stopped a car coming by, and we convinced the guy to call a mate’ … and the mate convinced him to call an ambulance, and promised that he would come to get the bike… and I promised to wait for his mate, but police, ambulance, the mate came all at the same time, and a moment after the tow truck came as well… so I left, but about 2 hours late.

I was choked about how many people actually passed us without helping… even when we where only two people at the spot… and I will guess that at least 50 motorcycles passed us. The mountain road where the accident was, where used as a “racetrack” and people where driving stupidly fast  around the corners…. That was a perfect bendy road for “bikies” ?

The guy was 36 years old, has just sold his 60HK learner bike, and bought this 200HK Honda 1000 Fireblade RR.

Rounded up.. he was lucky, long Christmas holiday, and his motorcycle will be fixed by the insurance..

Because I used the 2 hours at the accident, I ended up spending the night in Moe.

Next morning I rode up to Rawson, Tyre, Heyfield, Stockdale and up to Dargo, where I got a lunch at the Dargo Hotel, after that I took the Dirt road up Harrietwille, the road was in god condition and no dramas here ? the road was scenic, really spectacular, it is a National park in 1600meters heights, and I loved it.

I Spend my night in Bright, and the following day decided to do the loop on Mount Beauty, round to Falls Creeck to Omeo HWY and up north thru the Alpine National Park, I guessed the route to around 300km and 3-4 hours, but after 5 hours I was half way, all the bends was very sharp, and my average speed was around 50km/h

The scenery was again spectacular in the Alpine area, but on the way up and down the mountain, I basically didn’t see anything, I was to concentrated about all the bends, you really had to stay sharp, there was no fence wall on the one site of the road and drop off on the other site, there was wild life, rocks, leaves and traffic to monitor… so when I reached Mitta Mitta, I had a coffee rest at the general store.

I decided that I was to tired to do more bends today.. simply to dangerus. I talked to one of the locals, and he said that the way up north, was a lot of straight, so I went up that way up to Lake Hume, had a rest there, then up to Kiewa River, where I took another rest… I was so tired, I fished a little in the river, but the hole city came an begin to swim in the river, and they was drinking beer in the river… the temp was around 35 degree so properly not a bad idea ?

I Booked a Motel in Albury for the night.

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 9 Kangaroo Island

After saying goodbye to the guys, I went back up to flinders, the plan was more offroad, I camped at the Angorichina Tourist Village.

There was no internet, or mobile service, and I was the only one at the campsite. After a boring night (only company was the goats who has jumped the fence) I was looking forward to do the big Flinders north tour I had planned for the day…. Unfortunately there was big black clouds hanging over the Flinders, so I asked about the weather in the camp information, and they advised me not to go ☹

the last bit of offroad in Flinders Ranges

So in packed my stuff, went down to Adelaide, thru the wine country.. quite opposite the Flinders, was here  cool (19-20 degree) and very green, small bendy roads and small towns.

I booked an Airbnb accommodation in Adelaide, so I had access to internet and could upload blog, pictures & videos…. Nice with a little backup ?

I stayed 3 nights in Adelaide, got the service booked for the bike, and got the tickets for the ferry to KI (Kangaroo Island).

I spend a day in the city, had a look in to Chinatown market, and the park, took the esplanade down south to see the beach.

Finally I planned a tour to the ferry, avoiding the main highway’s and drove thru the wine field region, beautiful roads and views.

I had an early start, and I was aware that I would be en good time for the ferry, so took a nice breakfast up in the mountains, in a little city. I planned to do a little walk around the town at Cape Jarvis, but when I came down to the city I realized that there was no shops in the town… only a fuel station with a pub and a cafeteria ? so I was waiting two hours on the ferry, enjoying the sun ?

There was no drama on the ferry crossing, it only too 45 mins, and I just head off to the campsite I have planned to stay on.. it was strategically placed in the mittle of the island, so I could do two loops, east one day and west the next…. But what a disappointment when I came to the campsite…. It was a mess and I took the map up to find another one… this time i went down to the south west corner and looked at the camp site just outside Flinders Chase, named Western KI Caravan Park.

I can recommend this camp !!! it was not shiny new, but well maintained, and the staff super sweet and help some. On the site, there was plenty of eucalyptus trees, and as you know, that’s what koala’s like. On / around the campsite, there was about 10-14 koala’s living, and you could at anytime find a koala, just looking up the threes or take a little walk around the small koala walk they had at the ground.

Heaps of wildlife hanging out

my new little humble tent

Sometimes when people was sitting in their tents and there was a little silent at the campsite, the koala’s came down to the ground to find them self a new tree an you could see them pretty close ? how cool is that.

I ended up giving koala tours to some of the new guests ?

Then day I arrived, the weather was sunny and about 22-25 degrees, and it was really nice, but in the evening, I checked the weather forecast, ad it said 90% chance of rain the next day ☹.

While I was sitting in the camp kitchen and heated my “tinfood” (slang for dåsemad) came the neighbour campers  and made the table next to me ready for dinner, they had a tablecloth with them, and they had a Moet Champagne with them….. maybe I was looking a little to much on the bottle, but they offered me a cup of bobbles ? so tinfood and Moet was on the menu that day ?

The following day, I went up a bit early to get out before the rain came, but when I checked the weather forecast, it was changed to 40% change of rain and possible thunderstorms… so dumb by me, I let all the rain gear be back at the tent when I drove off to Flinders Chase.

I started driving up to the platypus pond, spend a little hour there, and I didn’t see any platypus ☹ then I went out to the Admirals Arch, and on the way down to the arch, some girls had spotted a black snake, and I stopped to take couple of pictures… while I was sitting there, an Australian dude told me that I should keep a little further distance to it… it was the 3. Most poison snake in Australia… ups !!

The Admirals Arch was quite spectacular and there was plenty of seals playing in, around the small pools, and on the rocks there was seals sleeping ?

On the way back I talked to some other tourists (as usually) and we could hear a thunder coming, so I jumped on the bike an headed out to the remarkable rocks, and I did reach them in time… all the people was back in the cars, I took some photo’s and headed back to the bike, and while I was putting on my gear, the sky opened up an it was raining… I drove down to the information centre, but too late, I was soaked…   I waited there to the worst was over an headed back to the camp site.

My new mini tent had kept all my stuff dry, so it was just the gear and close I had on, I had to hang to dry in the camp kitchen.

After I got some dry clothes on, the neighbor invited me to happy hour ? so I bought a couple of beers and headed over in their tent-trailer annex, and we where sitting there eating goat chees, crackers, cashew nuts, drinking beer and wine, we had a lot of fun and some of the smaller incidents, blew up to small stories… they had a good sense of humor.

They invited me to stay for dinner, the had plenty, I said yes please ? we ended up playing uno… I had warned them that I was a very bad looser, so they let me win ? the temperature during the day was around 17-18 degrees and in the evening it fall down to 12-13 degree and 9:30 I was so cold I had to say god night and crawl down in to my sleeping bag to get the warm back in the body.’

It pissed all night and next morning the neighbours packed their tents and headed back against the ferry.

Before they left, they invited me to come and stay with them in Melbourne, when I come back from Tassie.

I spended the day, doing a little trip all around the KI, visiting Stokes Bay, Emu Bay and some other places I can’t remember the names on… most af the day went without to many showers.

The last night on KI we had no rain all night, but of course in the morning, it had tom give a small shower, so the tent was whet again ☹ I packed up my stuff an hang the tent to dry on a fence, everything was ready to go beside of the tent, so I was hanging out with a British couple, who was traveling around on a BMW 1200 for one year, we talked about trump, euro, Brexit an so on… an when the talk was going on the highest… another shower hit us, so I went out packed the tent whet, and went off against the ferry… its was very windy and I got a couple off showers, but I still manage to drive to a couple of lookouts, before I sat down in a café.

At the café I went in to the, there is a “tent site” where people offer a commendation in different ways to fellow riders, and I found one in Victor Harbour, I sent a message to the guy, to hear if it was available.

At the Cafe to two guys, Andrew & Brett, pulled up the curb and they were driving a Triumph tiger and BMW 800, we talked a lot about KI, Biking and bikes… and on the ferry we was sitting together (tried to avoid a very strange person who was keep trying to talk to us and showing pictures of his Honda Goldwing…

I checked the email again before the ferry left, and I got answer from Victor Harbour, that the room was available, and I was welcome.

we ended up driving together to Victor harbour, the wind and the rain was strong, an I was pretty whet after the 60km. when I pulled up in the driveway on Victor Harbour, Geoff was standing there with a big smile and welcome me, I took the stuff I needed from the bike, and we set my bike in to his shed with all his (and his wife’s) bikes ?

I got a nice room with a big bed and got a quick tour around the house. We sat down and talked about bikes, travels and so on… his wife Carol, didn’t know that I was staying, so when she came back, she looked a bit surprised, but they was both really lovely and I was invited to Spaghetti Bolognese ?

Goeff said that if I wasn’t in a hurry, I could stay another night and we could ride a little in the surrounding the following day.

The next day, we had a 190 km trip, on both gravel and sealed roads, we where eating breakfast in a nice little bakery up in the hills.

After the breakfast, we was visiting a motorcycle store, and we crashed a birthday party, with a guy who has his 100 year birthday, and he was still riding his bike. I had a talk with some off Geoff’s old friends before we drove away to the next hills and bends ?

In the evening Geoff and Carol had a friend over for dinner and we had a lovely evening.

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 8 Stuarts Highway-Flinders Ranges

Monday morning I got up and started to pack up the bike, I should meet Daniel & Clemens 12:30 at the information centre in Mt. Isa.

I got all my stuff packed and went down to the motorcycle shop, to buy a comfort pillow. I bought one of those called air hawk, but after 300 metres, the two straps was broken, and I went back with the pillow and got my money back.

I meet the guys at the information center, where we got our lunch, an after that we drove a little round in the city, before heading to Camooweal.

It was a short ride, only 190 km, unfortunately the bike played up again, and this time it was only 33degrees.

In the evening we got a couple off beers and some food on the post hotel.

Next morning, my bike fall off the center stand, but luckily nobody took any photos, so no proof ? we went off for 540km ride, and some guys was pretty impress for the new 130 km/h speed limit after we passed the border to Northern Territory ,

but at her 150km, I began to calculate my bikes fuel consumption … and I could see that I had to slow down if would have a change to reach the next fuel stop…. I arrived with 1 ½ litre left in my tank….

we stopped at tree ways roadhouse for breakfast, and after heading out on the road again, I was driving as the last one, and suddenly a parrot got in front of me, it hit my screen, and in to my helmet, where it rip off my helmet shade, and then the parrot was stock at my instruments, I stopped and the bird was pretty wasted, so I ended the pure birds suffering… after finding my shade I turned around and head off to find the guys.

They have noticed that I was missing, so Daniel was waiting and Clemens has returned to find me.

I spend the rest of the day with a headache.

After that, we hit a storm, so we ended up, doing 250km in rain.

We stopped at the Devils Marbles, with is a bunch of big boulders, and it looked quite impressive?

Daniel and Clemens, decided to camp and do some of the tracks around the marbles, I was not up for camping, so I went in to Wauchope for spending the night in a hotel room.

The Devils Marbels Hotel, was an experience ? the hotel bar / restaurant was old but looks okey, and the staff was super sweet.. mostly backpackers worked there, but the rooms was very dirty, with stains on the walls and dirty floor, the shared bathroom was smelly, floors an walls was dirty, and there was lizards and frogs everywhere.

The following day, we took the last 400 km to Alice springs, and the landscape was changing to be more green, and arriving up to  Alice Springs the mountains began to show up.

In Alice springs we had two nights in a 5 bed cabin, the first night we eat out, and the following day we visit a creek with colourful stones, ang after that a gorge. The gorge was a bit far for me to walk, so I had to stay at the parking lot… and couldn’t see much.

The afternoon we went shopping proviant for the next days on the trip.

Thursday, we drove down to Kings Canyon, on the way we past a sign for a crater and we decided to go there, it was a bit off-road, and the gravel looked nice, but shortly after entering the road, a little water crossing appear, and further up another one with a lot of mud, and Clemens put down his nice big BMW 1200,

after getting the bike back on its wheels, they wanted me to drive up front ??? we drove the 10 off he 15 km and decides to return, because the road was turning in to wet dirt/ muddy conditions, and with 3 heavy loaded bikes (and 2 of them on road tyres) it would not be any good experience

Well back on the campsite, my bike again fall over from the centre stand in the loose sand ☹ and this time they took a photo.

Daniel and Clemens wanted to walk the track up at the Kings Canyon, so I decided to take a helicopter ride instead, to spare my ankle.


Sunset beer to the view of Kings Canyon

The Kings canyon was really beautiful and from the chopper we could look directly down to the garden of eden, and far out in the horizon we could see the shade off The Olgas & Ulura Rock.

Cheers in Lazy yak Pale Ale 😉

From Kings Canyon, we drove down to Uluru Resort Camping ground, and I got to relax a bit, because the guys would like to do all the walks on Uluru and the Olgas. We stayed there for 3 nights and one afternoon I drove out to Uluru and had a short walk next to that thing. In my mind it was just a thing to see, but when I went there, I realized that it has some kind of magic.. it is absolute breath taking, how big, massive, red this thing is… I’m so glad that I took out to visit it.



The last day we took a chopper ride, around the Olgas and the Uluru rock, it was impressive to see it from the air, but it still made a bigger impression from the ground level.


The following morning, the guys want to do a last attempt to climb the rock, all the other dayes it has been closed for climbing because of strong wind, low hanging clouds, and to high airt emp. In the afternoon.

That day we had to drive 736 km to Cooper Peedy, and I just went off by my self that morning, and the guys would follow as soon as they have done the climb….

Watch out for wild life & Stock

It was a long boring drive, the land in that part of Australia is just sand, bush and some trees… flat flat land, and long straight road.

Coming to Cooper Peedy, was a bit of a chock, the place was totally trashed,  and one of the most depressing towns I ever been to.

I found the accommodation we talked about, we should try stay on one of the motels under ground.

Funny place, but nice an chill ? a bit dark, with no windows.

The guys showed up about 2 hours after me, they didn’t climb the rock, again it was closed because of the windy conditions, and apparently, they had some longer stops on the way down than me ?

The following morning we drove a little round the town, visiting a opal shop, a mine and the we hid the road.

Our destination was Port Agusta in South Australia. After a couple of ours driving we could see a big storm coming against us, and we stopped ad a rest stop, with a shade/roof… we stuffed our bikes and our self under the roof, and made a nice cup of coffee, while waiting for the storm to pass.

To storms passed, one on each side off the rest stop, and in full rain gear we head off in to the rain. Because of the long break, we was a bit late coming in to Port Agusta, and it was almost 7 in the evening.

The next morning we went down to the motorcycle shop, because i needed a new rear tyre, and while we was there I absolutely rained.

So again in full rain outfit, we headed against Flinders Ranges, we stayed a a little pub in Blinman (a nice little mining town) the afternoon I took out the drone to take a couple of photos, but we ended up chasing a big red kangaroo… but it really didn’t care that much ?

The last day we had of riding together we took a 130km long gravel track around the Flinders, and the amount of wild life and scenic spots was amazing, we saw a lot of kangaroo, emu, wallaby, sheep, and goats, and we did a few photo stops. We went up to Leigh Creek, and this was almost a ghost town, they stopped mining a while ago, and now all the shops has closed and almost all people left the town.

Nice Views and a lot of wildlife

From Leigh Creek we drove down to Peterborough, where we spend the last night together before Daniel & Clemens head back to the Gold coast and Bundaberg.

a couple of times we talked about, the thing with the Bikes in the photos… it must be a biker thing, if you where out there in the camper-van or your station-car… you wouldn’t place it in all the pictures.. we laughed a bit of it, and took some more photos of the bikes in different situations.. ha ha

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 7 Mount Isa Queensland

I was an extra day in Normanton, to do some test rides on the bike, and I did 70 km with no problems. I found out on the internet that some people had experienced that the 800GS has the problem when it comes to the warm temperatures above 37 degree, and the fuel pump simply shuts down, and after some cooling down, you are able to drive again.

I was staying at the Normanon Turist Park, right inside the town centre, the staff “Julie” was very helpfully, and we had a ride in her car to the grocery truck, and a quick swing by the supermarket.

During the day I suddenly heard some people speaking Danish in the Pool, I said hello, and I had a long talk, it was a couple from a town a little outside Holstedro, and they where on a Bird looking trip, they were very nice and very enthusiastic, we talked a lot during the day, and in the morning next day, we said goodbye ?

I took the little straight up to Karumba, its only 75 km, so it didn’t take long before I parked my bike at Sunset Point Karumba. At the parking spot, there was another BMW 800, and before I know it, Loyd came over to say hello, and again we agreed to meet up at the taverna later that evening to have a few beers.

I found the Sunset point caravan park, and setup my tent. For the last few km I have noticed that my GPS didn’t turn on or off with the key any longer, so I guesst that there would be a burned fuse, and on the campspot there was a nice concrete spot, so I took the bike appart to find the burned fuse, to my surprise, was it another problem…!!!! There was a family of red ants, there had moved in to my bike electrical system !!!, and they where trapped inside my relay to the GPS, after a lot of bugspray I manage to get the relay to work again… with a gentle massage with the bigger wire directly from the battery.

red ants in my relay
funny that the Wallaby’s running around at the campground

After I had put together the bike, I walked down to the river to see if I could spot the 5 meter croc there should hang around I the river (among bull sharks and tiger sharks…. So no swimming !!!) , I couldn’t see any crocks or sharks, but I spotted Loyd, standing there with his fishing rod, so I kept him with company for the afternoon… had a bit fun, because there was a big pelican hanging out there, and every time Loyd was away from his bait, it tried to sneak up on him to get the bait… it was quite funny…. Sneaky b….

In the evening I had a few beers with Loyd on the terverna, we had a long talk about Ducati’s ? I think that was a compassion we both could share beside og the BMW and fishing.

The next morning I had decided to go from Karumba to Mount Isa, 570 km, it took me 9 hours including breakes… and my but was killing me ☹ at the midway my GPS gave up again, but I luckily had a map and could navigate the old fasion way (570 km an I had to turn 2 times ? )

The 570 km was actually quite boring… it was almost the same landscape until I came to Mt Isa, mostly flat/dry outback country, the most exiting was my stop at Burke & Wills Roadhouse….!

Just a rest in the middle of outbacksunset point Karumbasign at the boat ramp in Karumba

I drove in to Mt Isa late afternoon, enjoyed all the mountains views, but right when I had pulled in to google some accommodation, it began to rain, so I ended up, just talking the nearest motel with a roof where I could park ?

The following day, I just went a little around, visit the lookout point, got some shopping done, and jumped in to the pool…. But went up again pretty fast, when I found a spider (bigger that I’m use to from Denmark ) in the water…. !!!! I got the net and rescued the little bugger, and then I took a walk around the pool with the net, saved a lizard, an cleaned the rest of the pool from a couple drowned cockroaches and some leaves… both spider and lizard survived.

New “sealed” relay

Sunday I went to the great Lake Moondarra.

It just outside Mount Isa, and its basically a old mine, witch is filled with water, so now it is drinking water for all >Mount Isa city. All the water in the city taste a lot of minerals from the mine.

The morning started with a cloudy sky and only 28 degree, so basically perfect weather for riding the bike ? I went to the lake and down behind the daam, there was an gravel road, I took it, but before I know, it went to a 4 wheel drive track, I kept going, and it begin to get a bit ruff, but I went all the way around the lake on the track, and I found some pretty spectacular views… I did meet a couple of guys on a off roader and a girl on a quadbike, so I was not the only one on the track.

DAD dont look a



Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 6….. Finally Back in Queensland

>Hello Again… its blogging time again ?

I have been home in DK for the Surgery, 6 weeks in cask & 4 weeks of fysio training ?

Now I’m back, I started out getting Directly to Cape York Adventures , from the airport to get my Motorcycle. The engine started at first try, so no drama.

I packed the bike, and went in to my hotel in Cairns, jetlag was a bit tuff this time, so it was just a nice shower and a little shopping and straight to bed. The next day was just washing the bike, and get the bike ready. Saturday, I went to the Black Mountain Road, right outside Cairns, and did the track, like a prerun for the next day, the track is mostly a long logging road, and well maintained, but the last section is part of the Kuranda national park, and is a bit more challenged.


Sunday, I went off 8 o’clock and took the coast road to Cooktown over Cape Tribulation.


The road was mostly Tar but a section was dirt road, and well maintained, a couple og steep hills and some river crossings, was the most challenged in this part, and before I know, I was at the Blomefield waterfall, after that I was again on tar, right up to Cooktown.

On the way to Cooktown, I visited” The Lions Den Hotel” and it should be the oldest pub in Queensland.

In Cooktown I visited Finch Bay, a nice little Beach, with a River outlet, so no swimming Crocs in the water ? and sunset at the Grassy Hill Lookout.


After one night in Cooktown at Hillcrest Guest House (Older really well maintained hotel), I went back down the inland road, and took highway 1 to Normanton.

On the way down I passed the black Mountain (another Black Maountain) it was more a very big pile of boulders, I also made a stop at the Dinner Falls & the Crater, I tink I walked around 1 km in my bulky boots and my MC pants.

I spend one night at Innon Hot Springs Hotel, this hotel has not been renovated since the 60’s I guess ? the colures on the walls, carpet, bathroom, pillows was really strange, and all the lights was industrial lights, but the staff was sweet and before I know, I was sitting with a drink with some of the locals and tried my best to understand the old blokes with a lot of accents, slang and swearing.

The jetlag is still hitting me bigtime, so I was up again 5 a ’clock in the morning, and back on the bike 7 a ‘clock… the trip was mostly boring, but it was only 16degree in the morning and a bit cold, but up the day it pretty fast passed the 30 degree limit, and the last 200km before Normanton the temp was 38 degree…. That’s pretty hot, when you are wearing big jacket, pants and boots. I made a stop around a old train station.

on the last 18 km, my bike was making trouble, some how it simply stalled the engine every minute for a couple of seconds, so I spend the evening mostly google the problem.. and I did a little test ride around the town… and now there is now problem with the engine…. witch means that i need to take extra care when i run on places with less traffic.

to be continued 🙂

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 5…. Hospital !!!

So its been a while since the last post.

The reason is that after a couple of relaxing days at the Campsite down in Cairns, I had an minor accident on the Motorcycle, in a low speed corner on gravel, I lost the balance of the bike, and I tried to save it with putting the foot out, but because the bike was still moving, I twisted my ankle and broke it.

I spend some days on the hospital in Cairns, and they gave me surgery to get the fracture in place, its a long an sad story, but unfortunately did they forget to make both fractures, and I ended up, flying back to Denmark with insurance company, to get the last surgery done in DK.

I’m now finally finished the surgery, and need 6 weeks on crutches and then I need training to get the ankle working again.

This was a major setback, and I lost the possibility to participate in the great GS Safari to Cape York, but I plan to go back to Cairns and continue the travel whenever my ankle is up for it.

I got a lot of help from a lot of people, thanks to all involved.

I hope to be back on track soon.

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 4 Tableland & Daintree

After the Burdekin Falls dam, I went down to Cairns again, found a nice campsite in town. I went to Wayenes Lenard Motorcycles to get the new tyres and chain on place, and after that I went to BMW Wesco Motors in Cairns to get the new blinker, gear shifter and the lost screw from the head lamp.

With those things on place, I went to town and shopped a little, I stopped for a beer on the local Irish pub O. Brians downtown, sitting there, outside drinking a cold beer in 27 degree and full sunshine that’s a decent vacation day ? the a text popped in from Clemens (Austria) he was also in town, and he joined me for a couple of beers, while sitting there, the pub staff handed out Christmas hats, the apparently had a tradition to throw a Christmas party july 24. We decided to go home home, get a shower and then head back to the party later that evening.

We got some dindin (dinner) and listen to the Christmas songs and the contest & karaoke.

I went a trip up to the table lands, a lot of really nice bendy roads, but unfortunately it was a rainy day, and all the sights was pretty cloudy, but again we are pretty close to the rain forest an humidity I relative high here. It was a all day tour and I went out from Cairns up to Gordonvale, up to Atherton, then to Mareba, Julatten, Shanonvale and then back on the coast road (44) back to Cairns, on the way there is a lot of really nice views, and small walks to waterfalls, etc. I really wanna recommend this trip or the quite shorter trip Cairns, Mareeba, Julatten,Shanonvale, Cairns… the road back from Mareeba to Mount Malloy you pass a beautiful lake where I saw emu, and a lots of smaller birds.. really beautiful place, and the coast ride back on 44 is really beautiful, with the cliffs/ mountains on the inland site and the rocky coast an small sandy beaches on the ocean site…. DO IT !!!!! ? ( I did the trip 3 times… and properly more to come…

WHATS NOT TO LIKE ?????? I found a BIG FrogRoo & Croc Combo with mash and green at Cock & Bull Cairns… recommended

I was meeting up with Austria Clemens again in Port Douglas, little overrated town a little further north than Cairns, not much to see, and quite expensive, the Absolute most expensive camping ground I tried yet 40$ for an unpowered site in my little tent.

We drove up to the little ferry and took the ferry over the river, and drove up the very nice rain forest road, narrow, lots of bends, and really nice/fun driving in the Daintree rain forest. We tried the Daintree Discovery Centre, and absolute waste of time an money, we was very disappointed, there was some walks out in the forest, where they have put plastic dinosaurs in the forest, you got a voice player, where you could put in a number and hear that “butterflies are really colourfull creatures” NO SHIT SHERLOCK !!! and there was posters with different animals from the forest. we spend a little hour th

We drove  to the camping ground PK’s Jungle Villas, with was pretty cool, we had a little fence in to the mangrove just behind our tent, and the little walkway down to the beach. A bit suprising was that there was really no mosquito’s.

We drove a little around the Daintree / cape tribulation, to the different lookout’s / fotostops.

We had no cell coverage and the internet was so expensive, so we decided to be more wise about where we spend our money, and spend them well on the happy hour in the bar.

In the night and next morning, it was raining heavily, so I had to pack my tent while Clemens was laughing in his campervan… thank you Clemens ?

Down at the ferry there was a river tour/cruise to see the crocs and other wild life, we had decided that it was something we wanna do (I got it recommended from 2 Danes I met in Port Douglas) the rain was a lot less now, and we jumped on the cruise with Crocodile Express and hat a perfect tour with a really quite guide, she told us a lot about all the wildlife and the salty crocs.

The tour was only 25$ and included a similar tour longer up the river, where its was freshwater crocs, so we took the camper up to a little city 10 mins up the river (I parked the bike under a roof next to the shop.. the staff meant that it should not stand in the rain to we came back).

Betsy the Beast looks a little sad, and was moved to the Coffee shop

Here we got lunch and got an even better wildlife tour, with another really god guide with a lot of eager to tell about the wildlife… the guides really loved there jobs.

Off road CamperOther people on the way to the “top”

Back at the bike, it was time to say goodbye to Clemens, it was time for him to go south, with a week to his flight back home was leaving from Sydney.

I drove back to the camping ground inside Cairns, where I hat to unpack my very wet tent, jusdt to found out that i lost one of my very loved flip flops… should have done a better job, strapping them to the bike.

I ended you drying the floor in the tent with a t-shirt before I could “move in”

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 3

Sunday When I arrived at the hotel, the manager said that all the tours to Fraser island was booked for Monday, and no seat available.

It was the plan to take the BMW over to the Island, but because of my foot I decide to take a tourbus (after that I realize that motorcycles are no longer allowed on Frasier Island)

I went to the room and got my shit sorted, got a shower, then the phone rings, that was Clemens Friend Paddy from Harvey Bay, ( Clemens called Paddy and told him about me, and my trip), Paddy would like to hear about my plans, and I told him about my Frasier tour, and we talked about some other stuff as well. He came up to the hotel and took me for a mini tour at Harvey Bay. Paddy had contacted one of his friends up here, and he found me a spot on a Frasier tour Monday, those guys have all the right connections?

Monday morning, I went on the bus, and then on the barge to Fraser … this was a very nice trip, the hole island is one big sand dune. It has a incredible big rainforest with a lot of wildlife. We drove across the rainforest to the east site o f the island, and right on the beach. It was actually as coming home ? like the Danish west coast… not the same planets, not so many Germans, and a higher speed limit, but I looks a lot like the same.

While we were eating, a guy spotted a sleeping python, right above our heads, it took a little nap under the roof…

The tour was a little Round, we visit the shipwreck,  a creek, spring, valley, lake McKenzie.

Next morning I got up at 6 meet up with Paddy & his friend Grant at 7.15 an went out for a ride.

A little up the road, the road was closed due to an accident, a truck has rolled over, so we had to take a unpaved backroad with a little river crossing, (just a little one) so we hat a little adventure… Paddy is 84 years old, but he was doing fine, when we got to the bendy roads, I hat to work to hang on, he was on fire !!!

After visiting a dam, I took the road north, Paddy & Grant went back south. I visited another dam on my way, but was really tired and on my app “camper-mate” found a little pub In Lowmead where I could camp in the backyard… on the way to the pub, I saw my first alive kangaroo … I manage to brake in time ? so then to the pub, and setup camp….. and what a view.

I had some time to spend, so I was on the computer, getting things done ? I got the email from BMW Safari’s that I got a spot, so now I’m actually doing both the Cape York Telegraph track safari and some off road training prior to the event. Its going to be so AWESOME!!!!

Big thank to Clemens for helping me get in.

Next morning there was Kangoroo’s fighting on field behind my tent.. it was along distance, but my guess. It was not a cow upright boxing ?

I when further north, and after a long day driving I decided that I would treat my self with a Hotel, so I looked at the map, and there was a town “up the road” called something like Marborough, so this was the plan… I got so disappointed when I arrived to Marlborough, because there was no hotel…. But a pub where you could camp in the backyard.

No god view, but lots op people, and straight away talked to my neighbor, who was camping(living) in his Station car. His name was Peter, and we had a god talk about life over a couple of beers in the pub.

The following morning, I was looking forward to the hotel ? on the way to Airlie Beach, I visited Emu Park( it’s a town with another beach ?  ). I stopped on a gas station to get some fuel, and while I was standing there at the  pump, a mate (Clemens from Austria) I met at the Fraser tour, rolled in to the gas station in his littler camper van, he was on his way to Airlie Beach, but on the way he would visit a National Park “Cape Hillsborough National Park” after a little talk we decided to toggle along and go there together, this Beach was a little different, there was a lot of big stones at the beach, it was pretty cool.

We drove then together to Airlie Beach, ad we camped at X-camp right in the center of the town, he offered a Beer, and I could say no… after a “couple” we walked in to town to get dinner.

The following day, we took the campervan for a drive, and we visited the National Park “Eungella” in the park we could see the platapus ( næbdyr) and of course there was a mountain view point ?

We did see the platapus, but it was to far away for the camera.

That evening we got a few more Beers, so the following Saturday, we started out with hangovers.

Clemens went north to Townswille, and my plan was to drive away from the see and the highway  to see something different. I drove to “Bowen” where I stopped for “maccas” (Mac Donalds) an in the harbor of Bowens there was a race for powerboats, so I stopped there for some time and enjoyed the loud boats.

From Bowens I head in to Collinswille and then I took the dirt track to “Burdekin Falls Dam” and then let the adventure begin !!! i 120 km on gravel roads, with a lot of river crossings, most of them was dry, but some of them was flooded, so rookie mistake number one !!!! don’t go fast when you see a water crossing made of nice plane concrete, it was too slippery, so my back end on the bike came lose, and I took the throttle off, ad then it happened, down I went in the middle of the river (almost no water, but enough to get wet), I couldn’t lift the bike back up, because its was so slippery, so I ended up unpacking the my luggage and then I could get the bike up again. After a few more kilometer of the bumpy roads, my front lights fall off, and I hat to strap them back on with zip ties. Finally I arrived at the dam just before sunset, and it was pretty amazing, both the dam, but also the nature.


Pretty amazing to imaging the water will run over that thing during rain season

It was to late to head in to town and get a hotel, so I ended up on a campsite next to the dam.

Australia MC Adventure 2017 no 2 Gold Coast

Wednesday morning, I started packing up the motorcycle. I really soon found out that I had way to much, and the extra bag I bought was to big… I had it all piled up, and then got on the road…

After 10 mins, my mirror was all red & blue.. F….. !!!! the Police wanted to talk with me. Apparently, I did NOT drive in the bus lane, and turned left from the 2. Lane, and shame on me.. bus, taxi and motorcycles should use the bus lane… so after a lot of sorry’s, he was keen to know about my bike, and the weather where I use to live, and also where I was heading, so after a 20 minutes chat with the officer he let me go with a warning ?

I drove all the way up to Cuffs Harbour, it took me 7 ½ hour (550km), and it do not look like much on the map, considered where I’m heading ?

It was a really nice trip despite of the small rain showers, but lots of great views, woods, hills, bay’s, rivers, and sadly a lot of wallaby road kills ☹

some places was so jungle like, it looks like it was from the movie Jurassic Park.

I got a couple of nice breaks, one of them under the palms in Jurassic :-O

At least I ended up on the hotel, got a nice Steak.. (the first one on this trip) used a long time to repack, and then the room has TV… so what a joy.

Next day, I started, with the plan, that I should reach Brisbane… little optimistic ? I started out, driving thru some smaller village and again lots of incredible landscapes, small towns, lakes, rivers.

Before noon, I took a little stop on a gas station, to get some fuel, I bought a cop of coffee and an ice cream, when I came out from the store, a guy needed to get fuel at the pump where my bike was standing, when I moved it, I got my foot cranked up between the sidestand and a concrete edge on the ground… result = a pretty coloured toe… Beaten or broken ??? I don’t know, but lots of pain.I drove up the highway… most of the time it didn’t hurt, but every time i put the foot down, it hurts like hell. I took the trip around Byron Bay, to visit the most eastern place in Australia, and see the mighty Light Tower. At the parking lot, I got a quick lunch, and enjoyed the view, I even see whales ?

I jump back on the bike, but the pain was getting worse, and on the highway I got stock in a cue behind an accident, so I took a quick decision, took the next exit and found a hotel on Palm Beach.

I went to the pharmacy, got some tape and some painkillers, when to the liquor store after some beer, went back to the hotel  and got the toe taped to the neighbour toe, humped over to the Italian Restaurant on the other site of the Road “Balbori” really nice restaurant… good wine and a big T-bone ?

I have discovered a fail with the bikes fuel sensor, so in the morning I went to a BMW store nearby, to hear if they had an idea what could be wrong, but they was a bit arrogant, ad could not take the bike in before next week… meanwhile a guy came up to me and asked me, if it was my GS800 outside, he had one similar, just brand new, so we ended up talking a lot, and before I know, I was invited home to meet his Danish wife. He was very helpful, ad showed me a couple of stores in the neighbourhood, because i needed a can for extra fuel, until I got a hand of the problem. He told me, that his house was just up the road, and I agreed to visit his house… after a couple of turns, we ended up on the highway for 10 mins or so… in the meanwhile I was thinking “up the road ???” but 30 mins later we arrived, and I said hello to his Lovely wife Jane from Ålborg.

Clemens invited me to stay, so I could do some stuff on my bike and we could take a road trip the next morning, so I had a lovely day, driving around with him in his car, chattering about everything and a lot off bike stuff. He told me that he was going to Cairns in 2 weeks and participate in a big BMW event where they should drive the old telegraph track…. Which I have dreamed of for a long time. The tour was sold out, but Clemens did know the guy whom arranged it, so he called him, and got me in on a waiting list.

We got shipped some of all my equipment back to Melbourne where I have a former colleague. In the evening we got pizza, red wine and made a Bonfire in the garden.

Next Morning Clemens Friend, Greg showed up on his brand-new Honda Africa Twin and we went for a guided tour (guide = Clemens), just up the road… around 5 hours, with just bendy mountain roads, coffee breaks on a MC place, stopped at Sommerset lake and on a little café up in the mountains, where we got Australian Meat pie.

It was time to say aufwiderseen (Clemens is originally German), I went north and Clemens & Greg went south, back to their homes.

I got up to Lake MacDonalds where I camp for the night.

The following day (Sunday) I drove up to Noosa Head, visit the woods and the sandy beach, this is a really nice place with a lot of lakes, and sand dunes… nice houses & cars. After that I set my GPS to “adventures routing”, added, gravel roads, mountains, and curves, I ended up on my hotel In Toroquy right outside Harvey Bay… the GPS took me all the way over Black Mountain, on a gravel track (a little exiting with warn down road tires) but again some incredible views.